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Real Estate has revolutionized the way high-end vintage and designer estate furnishings are handled. Our model of liquidation will result in more money in your pocket, a more secure, discreet, and private liquidation experience, and a quicker, more efficient process from start to finish. Our full-range of estate sales services extends to liquidation of entire estates, and antique appraisal services. Our responsive staff members possess their own set of specialized knowledge, so you’re assured of receiving not only top dollar, but also the most professional and reliable experience possible. We have earned a reputation for handling the best of vintage and designer furnishings from estates throughout the Los Angeles region.


For valuation estimations and antique appraisal services, our entire appraising team brings decades of experience in determining current market value of valuables.

Higher Returns

Our Showroom consignment service is proven to bring you more revenue. Our selection and value estimation process ensures that each item is closely inspected and evaluated.

The Real Estate Standard

Our official rating system assures you every item goes through a rigorous 3-step approval process before being offered for sale:


Every month, our Showroom features fresh stock from multiple estates all under one roof, attracting shoppers from all over the region. Shoppers line up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings to be the first ones through the door.

Security & Convenience

Real Estate has assisted thousands with estate sales and services. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible.

Online Sales

Real Estate has revolutionized the way you buy or sell you assets.

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