Our Health Services

During the whole period the clinic works we have established ourselves as a reliable medical institution that is trusted in the most difficult medical situations. We get a lot of appreciation of responses, we are recommended to relatives and friends.

Free Support

Ambulance service staff is able to provide emergency medical care under a variety of conditions.

Medical Care

We offers a comprehensive array of services. Two major medical facilities provide the majority of medical services to our community.

Life Care

We deliver international class healthcare services with customer centric focus, committed to highest standards of professional excellence.

Nervous System

Our Neurologists provide consultative services, diagnostic testing and treatment for chronic neurological conditions and diseases.

Emergency Services

Arriving in the Emergency Department, we’ve trained staff in triage will immediately assess your condition, assign the priority of your injury or illness, and take appropriate measures.


We are a counsel for patients, and further explain in-home health care resources and policies, finding additional treatment, and offer guidance in order to recover from illness or trauma as well as its psychological, emotional and physical consequences.